There are twice as many germs on your furniture than on the floors of your house! Top 7 reasons to get your upholstery cleaned.

kids couchIt doesn’t matter if your home furniture has been exclusively customized for you or if you picked it up from the market down the road during a sale. Many home owners don’t think twice about getting their carpets cleaned (which they should!) but when it comes to keeping upholstery clean, most of us make do with one round of dusting every week. But here’s the truth- you are likely to be harbouring twice as many germs on your furniture than on the floors of your house. This could be because of two reasons- one is due to infrequent and improper cleaning of the furniture itself and the second is because your family members (including you) are more likely to be using the furniture more as opposed to sitting or lying down on the floor.

If you have never thought seriously about hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service for your home, then here are 7 reasons as to why you need to call a reputed cleaning agency at the earliest:

  1. One of the best ways to maintain the overall appearance of your furniture irrespective of how old it is, is by opting for regular upholstery cleaning. Besides, getting rid of old stains in the fabric, regular cleaning ensures that your furniture doesn’t have a worn out or aged look.
  2. Home owners often spend a lot of money in replacing old furniture or getting them repaired at a high cost. A professional upholstery cleaning service gets rid of any trapped dust and dirt and also ensures that any mites or bugs are effectively removed.
  3. Old furniture is a wonderful breeding ground for fleas, pathogens and bacteria which can pose serious health risks to the family. The older the furniture becomes, the higher the possibility of such unwanted ‘inhabitants’ on couch
  4. It is possible that the bacteria and mites which live in upholstery unnoticed could also increase the instances of respiratory tract infections and breathing difficulties in a house. Bits of pollen and trapped animal fur or hair could also aggravate any symptoms. Just by employing the services of a professional upholstery cleaning agency, you directly increase the quality of good air circulating in your home.
  5. If you entertain guests regularly, professional upholstery cleaning will ensure that your furniture is clean inside out. Often, bits of food or drink spills may be trapped in tiny crevices or cracks in the furniture and this could damage the upholstery over time.
  6. Old furniture which hasn’t been cleaned in a very long time gives off a musty foul odour which is quite unpleasant. Instead of using harmful air fresheners or other cleaning agents which could damage the furniture, turning to a more eco-friendly milder upholstery cleaning in Nanaimo from Premier Carpet Cleaning not only gets rid of the dirt and bacteria but also keeps the furniture safe.
  7. There’s also this feeling of overall cleanliness that you get when your furniture has been professionally cleaned in Nanaimo from Premier Carpet Cleaning. You no longer have to worry about playing host to invisible and harmful external pathogens.

Getting your carpets cleaned regularly and more importantly your upholstery cleaned could be reasons why you suffer from allergies.

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