The Health Benefits of a Clean Carpet

Of course, when you’ve had you carpet professionally cleaned you’ve improved the appearance of your home. But did you realize there are real-world health benefits from having a clean carpet? Your home is much like a closed micro-world of its own, with its own environment and ecology. By regularly cleaning your carpets you not only extend its lifespan and make your home more attractive, you are also taking a solid step toward improving the health of your family.

Let’s examine the three primary health-related benefits for having a clean carpet.

Mold Reduction: Professionally cleaning your carpeting will help you reduce the mold spore count in your home. Every day life can and does add contaminants to your carpets. A spilled glass of milk, a dropped bread crumb, a crushed potato chip and many other organic wastes can find themselves ground into the fabric of your carpets. While you many not physically see them, these materials can become the perfect breeding ground for mold – a microscopic type of fungus that can be the source of illness for you and your family. Vacuuming alone will not lift these potentially dangerous pollutants from your carpet. Only the deep pile cleansing of a professional carpet cleaner can truly get the mold out of your carpet.

Dust Mite Removal: For most of us it’s not a very pleasant thought. But it’s likely there are several million dust mites living uninvited in your home right now. By one estimate a square yard of carpeting can be the home for as many as 100,000 of these microscopic creatures, tiny animals measuring about 0.25 millimeters in size. These insects are foragers who feed on just about dust-mite-control1everything from dropped food to flaked-off human skin. No matter how you clean, or how bright and shiny your home might appear, there is literally nothing you can do to remove them entirely. However, regular cleaning of carpeting and upholstery can dramatically reduce their numbers and the waste products they invariably leave behind. This form of indoor pollution can be the cause of any number of allergy-related health issues.

Removing Trapped Pollutants: Carpets and upholstery can absorb and retain many different forms of indoor air pollutants. These include pet dander, insect wastes such as from dust mites as indicated above, toxic airborne gases, lead particulate matter and plain old dirt from the outside, just to name a few. By employing the services of a professional carpet cleaning firm, such as Premier Carpet Cleaning, these indoor pollutants can be quickly and thoroughly removed. Consumer cleaning tools simply lack the power to reach down where the most health-impacting substances can be found. If left unchecked, the ground-in pollutants can be released into the air by acts as simple as walking on them. Only high powered professional systems can assure you of the most complete cleansing job.

These are just three of the most common health benefits of having your carpets regularly cleaned. To learn more, or to book your next cleaning, just give us a call.