Summer: The Perfect Time To Clean Your Carpeting

Summer is the season to get out there and have some fun. You’ve been trapped indoors throughout the long damp and dreary West Coast winter and spring, so the warm and bright days of summer present a welcome invitation to get back outdoors. But before you head out, just think about your carpeting. While you were trudging in and out from the soggy outdoors for the past few months you were inadvertently tracking dirt and assorted debris into your floor coverings. Now is the ideal time to get your carpets professionally cleaned, to begin your summer fresh and free of allergens and worse.

So why is it important to regularly clean your household carpets? You may not think about it but a carpet is fabric, the same as your dirty-carpetclothing, only thicker and much tougher. You never question the need to regularly wash your clothing, but carpeting (and furniture upholstery) also requires periodic cleaning to maintain them. The dirt and dust you’ve been bringing into your home during the past months have worked their way into the deep pile of the carpet and through the action of walking on the carpet these particles will act like miniature grindstones abrading and wearing away the fabric.

By some estimates as much as 85 percent of the dirt contained by the carpet is buried deep within its pile – with as much as 60 kilograms of unwanted material spread across an average sized living room. By regularly cleaning your carpeting this wear can be reduced, increasing the longevity of your carpet and dramatically delaying the need for costly floor covering replacement.
Cleaning your carpet for summer also provides legitimate health benefits. Along with the dirt you’re carried in during the past few months there are also mites, molds, pollens and other materials that can present health risks. The majority of these allergens can be removed by a thorough, professional cleaning, such as that provided by George Hinchliffe of Premier Carpet Cleaning.

Not only will professional carpet cleaning make your home look cleaner, extend the life of your carpeting and health head off potential health risks, a clean carpet can also help reduce indoor odors caused by molds and other pollutants that have built up over the winter and spring. With the coming of the warm weather now is the right time to have your home’s carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned. Give George a call today.