Premier Carpet Cleaning – Business Lessons

Nanaimo Carpet CleaningCan you get life and business lessons from running a carpet cleaning business?

Just ask George Hinchliffe of Premier Carpet Cleaning who has four lessons to pass on to people after being in business for 14 years of cleaning carpets in Nanaimo, Duncan, and Parksville.

Hinchliffe, who recently read about the high failure rate of 80% for new small businesses in Canada, wanted to share his lessons to help others in business.

“I should have been tat 80%,” says Hinchliffe. “I had no experience, no money, seen lots of folks come and go.”

Lesson 1 – Don’t Go into Huge Debt

“I didn’t start the new business by going into debt,” says Hinchliffe. “I think it’s a critical mistake.”

He said he’s seen people spend $50,000 on a carpet cleaning van while he got a machine for less than $5,000 and bought a used van from a friend.

“I’m a real miser,” says Hinchliffe. “I don’t waste it on things. I don’t go out and buy a new van. I buy the best equipment I can afford.”

He has three machines and always has a backup in case something goes wrong

Lesson 2 – Invest in Good Marketing

Hinchliffe spends a good part of his budget on marketing his business.
“The largest part of my business goes to marketing,” he says. P1040499
He printed his own flyers and went door to door for the first year and a half.
Now he’s getting more customers online from using google and his website as well as connecting with people through local networking events.

Lesson 3 – Expanding Too Quickly

Hinchliffe says businesses that expand too quickly too fast can often get themselves into trouble.
He’s kept his business small without the worry of employees who may not show up for work when the day is fully booked.

He also covers a wide area from the Malahat to Deep Bay and is booked a week or more in advance.
However he can still squeeze in early morning or late afternoon appointments as needed.

Lesson 4 – Be Different

“You have to find a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the field,” says Hinchliffe.
“My $25 a room kept it simple. That was somewhat revolutionary at the time. It’s all based on the notion that I could do three rooms for $75.”

His tag line is “Where dust meets its doom at $25 a room.”
That marketing approach and tag line has build his customer base so that Hinchliffe is now cleaning carpets for relatives and offspring.
“I’m now cleaning their kids places and follow them from the house to the condo,” he says. “I’m proud to say I’ve always managed to get to a job.”

Hinchliffe uses equipment that is different from other carpet cleaners as it is not truck mounted which gives him a lot more versatility.

“The equipment I use allows me to go 25 floors above ground,” he says. “It gives me a level of versatility no one else has.”

If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning in Nanaimo, Parksville, or Duncan give George a call today to book an appointment.