How to Remove Oil from Carpet

Let’s face it, accidents happen from time to time. If the floors of a person’s home jump from laminate or hardwood to carpet there’s a high probability that at some point there will be a spill at the conversion point of floor surfaces. Which means one better have their well-seasoned carpet cleaning skills under their belt because some scenarios could call on those skills at any given moment. A loose grip on a cup releasing grape juice from a child’s hand, a letting-loose house guest who talks too much with their hands and splashes wine from their glass­­­––these are but a couple to name. These outcomes can be especially true if one has carpet near their kitchen or dining room.

Among the above-stated scenarios is dreaded cooking oil or grease. Was that a gasp? Has this already happened? Do not panic or fret, Premier Carpet Cleaning is here to lend a few tips and tricks on how to get oil out of the carpet.

Step 1. Blot

Blot up as much of the spilled oil as possible and use an absorbent material such as a towel, cleaning rag, or even a brown paper bag (try to avoid newspaper for the sake of the ink carpet cleaning nanaimocould transfer from the paper onto the carpet fibers). The bulk of the stain will be removed this way.

Step 2. Coat With Baking Soda

Next, to the best of one’s ability coat the stain with an absorbent powder like baking soda or cornstarch.  Allow the spread to sit for 2-6 hours (if one has kids it would be wise to inform them that this area of the carpet is off limits until further notice). After the wait has been satisfactory, give the spill area a through vacuum to remove the excess powder and also check to see if the stain has disappeared. It did! Great! If not, continue to the next step.

Step 3. Breakout Dish Soap

So, the pesky stain is still there, eh? Okay, break out the heavy-duty grease-fighting dish soap and create a solution with the soap and water. Now, apply it to the stain, blot using the cloth from before and grant the soap a chance to win the fight against the stain by allowing it 1-2 minutes of time. Then, rinse with water and blot up any excess water or soap left behind.

It seems that a congratulation is in order from us here at Premier Carpet Cleaning to you; you just learned how to get oil out of the carpet. If this method does not seem to do the trick, give Premier a call, and we will take our best shot at those eyesore stains with our equipment. You can never go wrong with at $25 a room. “Where dirt meets its doom at $25 a room.”