How to prepare for the carpet cleaners

Carpet: still one of the most common materials to cover the surface of floor space. It creates a warm and fuzzy feeling as one’s feet glide across it and a real sense of “this is home.” However, over time the fibers can wear down from specific areas being high-traffic and the occasional spill that can occur.

If one has decided that it is time to get a professional carpet cleaner in like Premier Carpet Cleaning, here are a few tips on how one can prepare for their arrival.

Vacuum Floors

Before the professionals arrive, it is good practice to do a quick but thorough vacuum in the areas that will be cleaned. Yes, the cleaning company will clean the carpets and remove dirt or stains, but the customer should vacuum up any food crumbs, hair from pets, and overall debris before they get there. By the customer preemptively doing a vacuum before the cleaners arrive, allows them to put more of their focus and attention on removing stains and dirt that has settled deep in the roots of carpets. Also, wiping down the trim and baseboard heaters will help prevent an area from becoming dirt again once the cleaners complete their process.

Record Concerned Areas

In many cases, homes have areas where spills have occurred from gathering around holiday times or from late night wine tasting. Alternatively, there are just plain old high-traffic areas that become eyesores from the beating that have taken from shoes and boots.

It will improve the speed of the process by making notes of these areas and jotting them down for the cleaners. While making these notes, record also which areas one thinks will need a little extra attention and care.

Using this method or using some painter’s tape to mark the areas will help ensure that the carpet will be restored to a cleaner look and that no area of concern is missed.

Move Furniturecarpet cleaning nanaimo

The carpet cleaning company will likely request the customer to move their furniture so that long forgotten about areas can be clean and an entire carpet is cleaned. Professionals will not work around table and chair legs (have you noticed how frustrating this is when vacuuming?).

If there are unusual items that are too large, try pushing them to a spot up against a wall that is out of the way. Items that way less should be transported to a spare room, basement, or the garage if applicable.

Any and all general clutter like kid’s toys, books, and small rugs should leave the room as well. This ensures no accidental damage to a toy or belonging.


Provide Parking

All cleaners are different which means so is their operation. Some have heavy-duty trucks with much equipment that must unpack and even unravel (hoses). If one has space, try to free up some space in the driveway for the cleaner, so they have easier access to the home.

The final thing one can do to prepare for the carpet cleaner is scheduled an outing and leave them to their work. They work fast and work better when they are less distracted.

Premier Carpet Cleaning has great rates and reputation here in Nanaimo and Duncan and throughout central Vancouver Island. Give George a call and book your first room with them, but remember how to prepare for their arrival!