Thank you once again George for a great job on cleaning my carpets! George was on time and the price was great for a fabulous job! My boys had taped out a baseball field and hockey lines on the carpet and Premier got all the tape residue from my carpet! Get Premier Carpet if you want the job done right! – Tricia Smith Marsh

I have used Premier Carpet Cleaning on numerous occasions for cleaning carpets in rental properties. George has always been very accommodating to get the job done at a reasonable price and great quality. I highly recommend Premier Carpet Cleaning! – Chris Cathers

Did you know you can get gum out of carpet? George can! Also, did you know people spit out their gum on the carpet in stores? Who does that??? I just thought that was generic gunk! – Valerie Froom

Was very impressed how the carpets downstairs turned out! Thank-you:) – Ashley Taylor

When you are looking for a Carpet Cleaner Look no further George is your man. While we were on vacation we had a dog that chewed a blue bic pen and ran around the house spreading the mess. My mother quickly phoned George and he gave her excellent immediate advice. At the end of the day George was there cleaning up the mess with strong motivation as he does with all of his jobs. Upon our return we didn’t know about the mess until my mother explained what happened. Excellent Job Thank you! What a deal for the price you pay per room. Call him now with your carpet disasters! Dr. Shawn Thomas – Long Lake Chiropractic

Premier Carpet Cleaning, specifically George, is a wonderful company to deal with. I try to clean my carpets twice a year and George is very accommodating to get to my house when it’s convenient for me. He works around our two dogs and two cats and leaves the house in good shape. I had an extremely old dog that was having issues and George took great care of me to help keep our home in good shape on short notice. His customer service is something I’d recommend to anyone! – Anne Marie Clark (Owner Dealer Principal – Steve Marshall Ford)

We have carpets, and 3 German Shepherds. We must have the carpets cleaned from time to time, for reasons better left to your imaginations than explained here. George has absolutely done a spectacular job of maintaining these carpets. I highly recommend George for any cleaning needs you may have. Thank you. Cheers  Joe Allen – Financial Security Advisor

Premier Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning the carpet at Brechin Lanes for the past two years. I appreciate the fact that George is willing to come in when it is convenient for us, so that the carpet has sufficient time to dry before the customers come in. Also, the pricing is amazing for the quality of work! – Ray Brittain, Owner Brechin Lanes