What is the difference between you and the other companies out there?

We are a family run business and there are no employees. When you hire us you get me the owner and operator. Also, our simple flat rate pricing makes it easy for people to figure out the costs. There are no taxes, disposal fees or any extra hidden charges of any kind. With Premier Carpet Cleaning the price is the price, $25 dollars per room.
What kind of equipment do you use?

Our equipment is professional grade state of the art carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by esteem, who are number one in the carpet cleaning industry. We use the hot water extraction method commonly known as steam cleaning. This method of cleaning carpets has been proven over and over as the most effective way to clean carpet and upholstery.

How does your equipment differ from the other guys?

Most of the other companies use the classic truck mounted units. These machines are powered by the van engine to supply power to run their equipment. Also their vans have a large water tank inside to provide the water needed and a large disposal tank for the dirty water. While the truck mounted units do a good job of cleaning, the vans engine is continuously running during the entire process spewing CO2 directly into the atmosphere. According to Environment Canada an idling engine produces 2.5 Kilograms of CO2 for every litre of gas consumed. Think of how much that adds up to in a year. Then they have to dispose of all that dirty water in the huge disposal tank. Where do you think the waste water goes?

By contrast our machines run on green electricity with ZERO EMISSIONS. And our dirty water is disposed of directly down the toilet receiving full sewage treatment. And best of all because we don’t burn all that gasoline we can do the job for much less and pass those savings on to you. Everybody wins! You can be green and save money at the same time.

Do you only clean carpets in homes or do you also clean carpets in businesses?

Yes, we clean everything from a small residential room and or area rug to large commercial properties in the thousands of square feet. There is no job too big or too small.

Can all stains be removed?

Most stains can be removed. The two most critical factors is knowing what the stains are and how long they have been on the carpet. Some carpets are more stain resistant than others. What is it? How long? What type of carpet?

Can pet odors be eliminated?

Yes, pet odors can be eliminated. The odorizer we use in addition to the pleasant smell contains a bacterial agent that consumes all live biological material. So far we have been 100% We also have speciality equipment like the water claw, which removes materials from the sub floor under the carpet. So when the odor is in the underlay we can remove it.

What is the normal drying time after the carpets have been cleaned?

It depends on the weather during the day and the carpet but it usually takes approximately six hours. The carpets are only damp when we clean the carpets so you can still walk on the carpets directly afterwards. So you don’t need to abandoned the floors.

How soon can I walk on it?

You can walk directly on the carpet after cleaning as they are only damp.

Do you move the furniture?

Yes, we have never found a a piece of furniture we cannot move.

Can you clean carpet or rugs over hardwood floors?

Yes, the underneath portion of the carpet portion stays dry. It is completely safe. Any water that runs off the carpet will be dried.

Do you clean Wool?

We clean wool carpets.  The only difference, wool carpets require a longer time to dry. Otherwise it is the same carpet cleaning process as synthetic carpets.

Do you clean Berber?

Yes we clean berber carpets.

How long will the carpet cleaning service take?

Most jobs take approximately to 1-1.5 hours or less.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpets cleaned twice a year, in fact it is a warranty issue. We suggest getting your carpets cleaned once in the spring and once in the fall.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments available?

We service clients in the evening and on weekends.

What kind of chemicals do you use?

All of our chemicals are child and pet safe. Which are specially formulated to extract soils from carpet. Our solution are also hyper allergenic. The vast majority of cases, no extra spot cleaners are required.

Do you apply scotchguard or other products to protect the carpet?

We don’t actually use the brand scotchguard because it is actually one of the most toxic products on the market. We use other carpet stain guards that are equally effective.

Do you come and pick up are rugs and bring them back?

No we clean all carpets including area rugs on site as you watch.

What is the minimum amount to come to our house?

Our minimum is one room, it is hard to do less than that. We will come to any house and clean your room for only $25.

Why don’t you have any promotions are specials?

Because we believe in having a reasonable price everyday for everyone. All our customers are special all the time.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we guarantee all of our work. We promise satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy we will come back until you are.